Catching up and camp

Hello there!

First, I apologize for the delay! It’s been an eventful week at the farm so finding time to sit down and write has been tricky, but now I’ve got lots to tell (and show) you! I know you’re all on the edge of your seats about the vegetable challenge. By Friday afternoon we had all finished our vegetables and had started supplementing with tomatoes! We are continuing the challenge this week, which has been a bit harder, but still rewarding! Especially with the new potatoes to look forward to. Yum.

Julio takes the campers on a hayride through the fields.

Julio takes the campers on a hayride through the fields.


We had a bit of extra help harvesting those potatoes this week because farm camp was in session! The first week of farm camp concluded yesterday with a flourish of blueberry muffins, birdhouses, and hayrides! Having kids around certainly added energy to the day-to-day work (even though, between them and the ducks, most of the blueberries have disappeared!)

Some sole survivors after farm camp and ducks!

Some sole survivors after farm camp and ducks!

As for the farm crew, we’ve been having our own share of fun as well. On Sunday Meghan (another one!) joined us on the farm. She will be at Granor until December and we are so excited to have her! She’ll be at the farm store tomorrow all day, be sure to stop by and stay hi. Yesterday, the six of us went to visit Bertrand Farm and see their amazing diversified operation. We are hoping to tour other local farms that are doing new and exciting things, and Bertrand was our first stop! It was very informative to learn about techniques that other farmers are using (at Bertrand they are beginning to implement permaculture practices on their land.) Here at Granor we just finished preparing field four for fall cabbages and brussel sprouts! Lucky CSA members!

Phew! It’s been a long and rewarding week. I hope to share the fruits of our harvest with you this week at the St. Joe’s farmer’s market tomorrow or here at the farm! As always thanks for reading, eating, and sharing!


Meg the intern


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