We’ve got the power

We’re past the halfway point of our challenge, so I thought I’d catch you up on our adventures. In general, our vegetable eating has been top notch. We are all well on our way to finishing our Full CSA shares and have found some fab recipes along the way.

At the St. Joe farmers market on Saturday I bought a bag of The Local Epicurean‘s fresh Basil & Garlic pasta (they’re usually the stand next to us and well worth visiting). Katelyn and I decided to make a vegetarian pasta carbonara with our own garlic scapes and duck eggs. Sounds mouth watering doesn’t it? That’s what we thought, especially after a long day’s work. We were mid-vegetable cutting and had just put the water on the stove to boil when the power went out. While it would storm later that night, there was no immediate explanation for the sudden loss of electricity. It seemed as if the carbonara was dead on arrival. We ate our salads to pass the time, hoping that we would hear the hum of electricity within the hour. Nothing.

Meanwhile, Patrick and Julio had serendipitously planned to grill that night. As we hungrily watched them eat their sausages, it occurred to us that it might be possible to boil water on the grill. In theory, this is obvious. It practice, this is difficult. The entire pot was scalding hot inside the grill, so the process of transferring the pasta to another pot without burning ourselves turned out to be quite difficult, but entertaining no the less. Making the actual sauce with two of our decadent duck eggs and fresh scapes turned out to be easy peasy lemon squeezy.

2: Hungry Interns; 1: Pasta Carbonara; 0: Electricity.

2: Hungry Interns; 1: Pasta Carbonara; 0: Electricity.

Long story short, the Pasta Carbonara was cooked successfully and it was incredible. My stomach is grumbling just thinking about it. The best part? We realized that other than the cheese, all of the ingredients were local. In addition to using no electricity, I’d say this meal was pretty green!

The finished garlic scape carbonara with fresh basil & garlic pasta.

The finished garlic scape carbonara with fresh basil & garlic pasta.

For those who are interested in trying the recipe themselves, it can be found here. I highly recommend it, it’s easy, fun, and delicious (especially with the duck eggs, which are particularly rich and available at our farm store)!  As always, thanks for reading and enjoy this week’s harvest!

Meg the Intern


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